Casa De Piedra

The winery was born as a family project in 1997. The engine that drives the project is and has always been to grow wines that distinctly reflect their origin. In our why making we are always taking to reveal aspects that Express the place or the grapes were grown. From the beginning of this unique Adventure, 17 Harvest have passed through our Winery. Up until now, we have 115 Harvest that reflect a winemaker sensibility of submitting to the context. We want to always maintain a scale that permits us to care for each bottle and imprint as much as possible the personality of the land. Our commitment is to communicate the flavors and experience of the land or we lived through the wines that we offer.


Carretera Ensenada Tecate Kilometro 93.5
San Antonio de las Minas
22761 Ensenada, B.C., Mexico

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