Barón Balch’e

Started in 1997, when the farmer Juan Rios bought a land with more than 50-year-old vineyards in Valle de Guadalupe With a small production and homemade wines, however, the family friends were delighted, and they started to request them, that caused the expansion and an ambitious project by the hand of the Mexican enologist Victor Torres. In 2001 it started with a production of 2,500 packaging boxes of three different wines. Nowadays the production is above 20 thousand boxes (120 thousand bottles a year) in Mexico for now, but the vision is to export and to become the most noble Mexican wine that satisfy first-class customers over the world. At present, the enologist is Oscar Delgado, who is changing the course of the new Mexican enology. Baron Balch e is a Mayan name Balch’e is a tree for the Mayan culture that used to give an elite beverage.

*Wine list subject to change without notice.

  • RINCÓN DEL BARÓN Double blanc: Sauvignon Blanc / Viognier / Palomino
  • RINCÓN DEL BARÓN Siis clarette: Tempranillo / Carignan / Grenache/Sauvignon Blanc
  • RINCÓN DEL BARÓN Mezcla de tintos: Malbec / Carignan / Cabernet F. / Grenache
  • BARÓN BALCH’E Spiral: Sauvignon Blanc
  • BARÓN BALCH´E Auro: Chardonnay
  • BARÓN BALCH’E (ZF): Zinfandel
  • BARÓN BALCH´E (GC): Grenache /Cabernet Sauvignon
  • BARÓN BALCH’E (TC): Tempranillo /Cabernet Sauvignon
  • BARÓN BALCH’E Reserva especial: Cabernet F. / Merlot /Syrah
  • BALCH’E PREMIUM Cero: Nebbiolo
  • BALCH ‘E Uno: Grenache
  • BALCH’E PREMIUM Dos: Cabenet Sauvignon
  • BALCH’E PREMIUM Tres: Merlot
  • BALCH’E PREMIUM Seis: Tempranillo
  • BALCH’E PREMIUM Siete: Zinfandel
  • BALCH’E PREMIUM Dos mil doce: Syrah
  • BALCH’E PREMIUM Cien: Petit Syrah / Malbec / Nebbiolo
  • BALCH’E PREMIUM Dulche: Rubi Red /Grenache (Desert Wine)
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