Bodegas de Santo Tomás

For 130 years Bodegas de Santo Tomas has dialogued with its lands, its air and its rain. This dialogue has developed through the hands of those who work the land, through the will of those who decide and through the experiences that are lived day by day in the rhythm that this land, this wind and this rain imposes on us. These impositions have allowed BST to mature along with its vineyards and understand that the best of the production of a wine is in the heart, passing through the hands that elaborate it and reaching its final destination, your hands.

Bodegas de Santo Tomás is the only winery that has an enotourism tour with academic recognition, this is granted by the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California. At our Santo Tomas Cellar, you will have experiences that go from the vines, through the vineyard that surrounds our Winery, to the senses, with a sensory tasting between music and the different forests of France. And finish off by making your own wine. In San Antonio de las Minas (at the entrance to Valle de Guadalupe) you will find a cellar with more than 3800 bottles of our labels that will captivate your sight, as well as the incredible views that surround us. In the tour we tell you about our processes, of the sparkling wine, of the solera, but above all, we honor those who make the magic happen, all the workers who go through each one of the processes. Ending in a sensory moment that explains how wine ages in barrels. At our Cellar in Miramar Downtown Ensenada, the tasting room is located in the building that housed the first bank of the city where the original floor and the entrance to the vault are still preserved, this currently serves for the storage of our reserve wines, besides finding all our wine labels, extra virgin olive oil and chocolates for wine.

*Wine list subject to change without notice.

  • MISIÓN Blanco: Chenin Blanc/Colombard
  • MISIÓN Tinto: Tempranillo / Carignan/ Misión
  • ST: Colombard
  • ST: Chardonnay
  • ST: Cabernet Sauvignon
  • TINTA MÉXICO: Barbera/Merlot
  • DUETTO: Tempranillo/ Cabernet Sauvignon
  • ÚNICO: Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot


Wednesday to Sunday / 11am-6pm


W: Santo-tomá
P: 646.178.8463



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