Viña de Frannes

Viña de Frannes, born under the wonderful Mediterranean climate of Valle de Guadalupe, with the purpose of planting the best fruits to transform them into the most delicious and aromatic wines; with the support and supervision of Michel Rolland, who has the knowledge and skills to bring to you, the virtues of the vine, in a magnificent collection of red and white wines with high-end bouquets. The selection of the grapes, our facilities, the equipment, the technology, the personnel and their delivery to carry out this great transformation, is what distinguishes us.

  • LEGAT Sauvignon Blanc
  • LEGAT Chardonnay
  • LEGATRosado Cabernet franc/ Cabernet Sauwvignon / Mertot
  • LEGAT Merlot
  • LEGAT Cabernet Sauvignon
  • LEGAT Cabernet Franc
  • LEGAT Mezcla de tintos
  • PATER Mezcla de tintos
  • DUZ Mezcla de tintos (Vino de postre)

Servicios (services)

  • Abierto al público (open to the public)
  • Degustación de vinos (wine tasting)
  • Tienda (boutique / souvenirs)
  • Eventos privados (private events)
  • Alimentos (snacks)

Restaurante Viña de Frannes

  • (646)155-24-33
  • Facebook / @vinadefrannes
  • Instagram / @vina_de_frannes
  • Lunes a Domingo / 10am-6pm

(Monday to Sunday)


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