Viñedos de la Reina

Viñedos de la Reina In the privileged Baja California land where the sea breeze and the rays of the sun merge with the delicate and arduous work of man, Viñedos de la Reina was born. From these furrows crystallized the dream of the entrepreneur and architect Roberto Curiel, who since its founding in [...]

Viñedos Aldo César Palafox

Viñedos Aldo César Palafox Located in the heart of the Old Wine Route, Aldo César Palafox winemaking follows a tradition originated centuries ago by the missionaries, who saw the benefits of this privileged land and followed the same path that leads to the vineyards of the family. For us, the origin counts. This [...]

Viña de Liceaga

Viña de Liceaga Viña de Liceaga is a wine company founded in 1993 by the engineer Eduardo Liceaga Campos, dedicated from the beginning to the production of premium wines. Eduardo Liceaga ventured into the field of the production of spirits with his unique product in Mexico; Grape brandy "Aqua de Vid" Viña de [...]

Viñas de la Erre

Viñas de la Erre More than 30 years ago, Don Claudio Rocha Cárdenas and his wife Nelly Zazueta de Rocha, thinking of an estate for their family, decided to acquire the San Martín Caballero Hacienda without imagining that one day it would become Viñas de la Erre. Viñas de la Erre was born [...]

Viña de Frannes

Viña de Frannes Viña de Frannes, born under the wonderful Mediterranean climate of Valle de Guadalupe, with the purpose of planting the best fruits to transform them into the most delicious and aromatic wines; with the support and supervision of Michel Rolland, who has the knowledge and skills to bring to you, the [...]


Vinsur Daniel Alejandro Lonnberg Hume, a Chilean national, completed his studies in Enology at the University of Chile. In 2003, he is invited to work in Ensenada and seeing the riches of this place, its people, its local products and especially the great potential of Valle de Guadalupe, makes the decision for the [...]

Vinos Sentimenti

Vinos Sentimenti Wines Sentimenti (feelings in Italian) was born as a project of two friends in 2010 after having taken the wine course at the Escuelita (Estación Porvenir). For winemakers, making wine and drinking wine, involves sharing feelings, being LOVE, PASSION and ECSTASY the feelings or emotions that inspired the mixes. The idea [...]

Vinos Pijoan

Vinos Pijoan Vinos Pijoan is the result of a dream, a passion, a total change of direction in a little expected moment. Since 2002, our family business has been characterized by its constant quality and by being a pioneer in the emerging and dynamic scene of the Mexican wines. We describe our wines [...]

Vinos Kruger

Vinos Kruger It is a small Mexican family winery created from its foundations for a dream, the dream of having a great boutique wine, which was also respectful with the environment, achieving maturity in expression with its own identity and that for its quality, have nothing to envy the wines of other countries. [...]

Vinos Emevé

Vinos Emevé In the year 2003, Mr. Mario Villarreal acquired a property, in which he planned to build a house and plant vines with the purpose of producing wine for own consumption of family and friends. At present, there are 18 hectares of different varieties of grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Franc, [...]