Vinisterra Vitivinícola

Vinisterra Vitivinícola It was born in 2002 in San Antonio de las Minas, in the Valle de Guadalupe. The passion and love of wine by Guillermo Rodríguez Macouzet and Christoph Gartner, an oenologist engineer and project director, are the foundations of the first generation of Vinisterra. The vineyards are located in the Valley [...]

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Vinícola El Cielo

Vinícola El Cielo El Cielo Valle de Guadalupe is a wonderful and unique space, where the wine lover, the gastronomy, the harmony of the landscape, the hospitality and careful attention with high quality service, guarantee your pleasant stay. Heaven on earth, with its architecture, its magnificent spaces and tourist services, will make you [...]

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Vena Cava

Vena Cava Founded as a project in 2005, by Phil and Eileen Gregory. Since then Phil has stood out for the creation of high quality wines from the best grapes from the valleys of Baja California and from his own organic vineyard, creating wines with the elegance of the old world, but with [...]

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Valle Girl Vino

Valle Girl Vino We are a small family winery. While we were born in the United States, the blood of our Mexican heritage beckoned us to return to embrace our roots. After living and traveling throughout Central and South America, we decided to make the beautiful Valle de Guadalupe, Baja Norte, Mexico, our [...]

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Tres Valles

Tres Valles Tres Valles winery was started in 1999 as a family project. Its name is given because the grapes with which we produce our wines come from the three most important valleys in the area: San Vicente Valley, San Antonio de las Minas Valley and Guadalupe Valley. Inspired by the origins of [...]

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Totol Vinícola y Cervecería familiar located in Tijuana B.C., started in 2009 by Gustavo y Marisol, who could not pronounce his name and said to be called "Totol". Our catarina represents the joy and simplicity that we want to reflect in what we produce. With a focus on aromatic expression, our wines come [...]

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Torres Alegre y Familia

Torres Alegre y Familia It is a 100% Mexican and family project dedicated to the elaboration of High Range Boutique wines. Under the oenological guidance of Dr. Torres Alegre, worthy representative of Mexican wines internationally. We specialize in limited productions of natural wines and without chemical adjustments with the intention of being true [...]

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Solar Fortún

Solar Fortún Fortún is a boutique family winery that since its inception has focused on producing premium wines based 100% on grapes from its own vineyard. All their vines are imported and certified, selected to adapt to the terroir and microclimate of the Cañada de Guadalupe, where our vineyard is located. With a [...]

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Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo The history of Santo Domingo begins in 1895 when the first vineyards that were used to produce wine were planted to carts that passed through our ranch on the way to the Alamo during the gold rush. Currently it is the 4th generation that is in charge of the wine industry. [...]

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Rondo del Valle

Rondo del Valle Rondo del Valle is a Mexican viticulture with origins, roots and tradition in the region, founded in 2011. With infrastructure and modern technology. Rondo means guarding, courting, caring, guiding our lands, fruits and roots. Rondo in music as in life, are cycles that mark us a beginning and an end. [...]

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